Adult Fitness Classes

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Group Exercise Schedule February 2018



Whittle your waist away while engaging in exercises that will give your core muscles an extra challenge.  Features crunches, planks and many different ab exercises.


The Keiser Bike offers a M Series computer which  provides immediate feedback and tracks the users ongoing    improvement. By monitoring RPM (cadence), power output,    resistance and heart rate (cyclists must provide own monitor), cyclists benefit from an improved workout through biofeedback. Bikes are available on a first come first serve basis. Cycle shoes can be worn as the bikes have clips.



Karma Yoga is the process of achieving perfection in  action. Our instructor will lead you through poses on each inhale and exhale.



Silver Sneakers Classic offers an innovative blend of physical activity, healthy lifestyle and socially oriented programming that allows older adults to take greater control of their health. Classes are designed exclusively for older adults who want to improve their strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. This class is not just for Silver Sneaker participants, members are encouraged to participate.


This fun, high energy class uses weights to target specific muscle groups. Instructors will offer several disciplines using Kettle bells, Weighted Bar, Exercise Ball and Free Weights with cardio integration. Improve balance and strengthen your core in one fantastic class!


This cutting-edge fitness program combines strength  exercise and flexibility-building yoga to create a  total-body workout.


Fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create  a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away. Zumba fanatics achieve long term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exhilarating hour of caloric-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements.



Gold targets the largest growing segment of the population: baby boomers. Gold offers a variety of dance and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will keep you movin’ & grooving’.  Modified to suit the needs of the active older participant.


 WALK 15

This low impact class will use music and walking steps to get big results! The easy to learn format allows people of all fitness levels to feel successful on the first try. In this hour long classroom setting you can walk up to 5 miles and burn mega calories!


This class will offer a light cardio warm up, followed by a strength portion that will meet the needs of every fitness level. The last segment will focus on core strength and balance. We have created this class to offer beginner/intermediate weights program for those who want to tone and stay healthy and fit!



Take a break from the weight room and get into this class! This PiYo inspired workout will use the best moves from Pilates, yoga, and martial arts to keep you moving and calories burning!



This class will teach you how to cross train and feel great! If you like an early morning workout that will infuse cardio and strength this is for you!



Progressive weight training and balances exercise, to slow bone loss and reduce the risk of fracture.



 Looking for a safe and gentle, yet effective yoga practice that doesn’t have you performing those “pretzel-like” yoga positions? A practice where you can enjoy all the benefits of traditional yoga while being comfortably supported by a chair?

This Chair Yoga course has you in mind. If limited mobility or  injuries are holding you back from enjoying your body to the fullest, then you owe it to yourself to give this course a try. It’s an amazing way to safely stretch and strengthen your body.



Can you get fit sitting down? The new craze for CHAIR Zumba Gold says you can… Improve muscle strength, balance, flexibility, mental awareness and functioning!



This full-body cardio workout combines drumsticks with constant simulated drumming. Expect a mix of cardio and Pilates holds that will strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles. Enjoy great music that will help you sweat off pounds!



The practice of yoga is for those who want a softer, nurturing, slow-paced, well   supported and relaxing  practice. The hour long class will offer careful movement, controlled pressure and well-measured stretches, including range of motion exercises. Postures may be approached in gradual steps, with plenty of focus on breathing and repetition. If you are new to yoga this is a great way to start a  program that will help increase flexibility and  increase your health overall.


Sculpt Yoga blends power flow yoga with resistance training. It offers the discipline of a yoga practice and intensity options similar to a challenging fitness class. This class will boost your metabolism as you tone and sculpt every major muscle group while improving  endurance and flexibility. Classes are taught with  intensity variations, focus on the breath, traditional asana and stretching sequences, and encouragement of mental focus to help maintain yogic integrity.

100% CORE

The best core exercises may surprise you. It’s not enough to just do ab crunches and sit ups. To build a strong core you need to exercise a variety of muscles, from your hips to your shoulders. This class will target your core specifically!


 Seniors will love this class that involves drumming and exercise! This is a great way to introduce fitness in a fun way! Modified for all fitness levels.


Our cutting edge *high intensity fitness program that combines compound lifts, weight training and endurance into one routine. You will shed body fat and increase your energy, speed and metabolism.


The Senior Circuit workout offers standing, low-impact choreography alternated with standing     upper-body strength work with hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a Silver Sneakers ball.  A chair is available for support. This class is suitable for nearly every fitness level and can be adapted depending on the skill of individual participants.