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Personal Training

Achieve your fitness Goals for a Healthier Lifestyle
Personal Training Brochure 2016


The Starter Kit is available for new members only within the first 30 days of becoming a member. It is only able to be purchased once, but can help create a great plan to jump start your program.

3 Sessions     $90

30 minute consultation   $10


One-on-one personal training programs are designed and administered on a personal, individual basis by our staff of YMCA certified Personal Trainers who share the YMCA philosophy of total body fitness,.  Experience the power of personalized, one-on-one training.  Includes 30 minute consultation for 5 sessions or more.

1-4 Sessions       $35 Member      $45 Non Member

5 Sessions         $160 Member    $210 Non Member

10 Sessions        $300 Member    $410 Non Member

15 Sessions        $435 Member    $585 Non Member


Continue with your training without having to purchase a big package all at once.  It makes training more affordable and easier for you!  This way you can save more money and stay healthy!  How does it work?  We just put this investment towards your account and it is automatically set up for your convenience.

4 Sessions           $128 Member    $168 Non Member

8 Sessions           $240 Member    $320 Non Member

12 Sessions         $360 Member    $480 Non Member

PARTNER & GROUP TRAINING FEES (perfect for athletes)

What a great savings.  When 4 People purchase 5 group sessions, they pay only $13.50 each per session!  Prior to beginning your training your personal trainer will sit down with the group (1/2 hour) to discuss the goals and objectives of each member.  Includes one 30 minute consultation for 5 sessions or more.

1 Session

Couple $45 Member/$55 Non Member
Group of 3 $50 Member/$60 Non Member
Group of 4 $55 Member/$65 Non Member

5 Sessions

Couple $200 Member/$230 Non Member
Group of 3 $220 Member/$260 Non Member
Group of 4 $270 Member/$320 Non Member

10 Sessions

Couple $355 Member/$432 Non Member
Group of 3 $420 Member/$504 Non Member
Group of 4 $465 Member/$558 Non Member

15 Sessions

Couple $520 Member/$624 Non Member
Group of 3 $584 Member/$700 Non Member
Group of 4 $648 Member/$778 Non Member